Meet the 2024 SpaceCraft Advisory Board

The board is made of artists, professionals, and change makers, who believe in collectively building the next generation of maker space that is affordable, artist-owned, and regenerative.

Jade Adams

Jade is the owner of Oglewood Avenue.

“I look forward to contributing knowledge from my business experience and from a customer relations standpoint.”

Jessica Wright

Jessica is the other half of Machinations (a development, architectural and construction firm), who enjoys building buildings, knitting, crochet, drawing comics, baking bread and dancing.

“I joined the board to help Jaleria and other performing artists share their craft and create collaborations within the greater artistic community.”

Josh Wright

Josh is the other half of Machinations (a development, architectural and construction firm).

Kelsi Walker

Kelsi is a silly goose, who loves playing music and creating space for community. She is also the founder of Free Women Waltzing Club.

“I believe in the dream, baby!”

Ty Murray

Ty is a multi-faceted artist and activist rooted in the Appalachian south. Her art and cultural work reflects who she is, where she's from and what she aspires to see in the world. Ty's work has been foundational in the establishment of The Bottom.

“I've been asked to help support an amazing friend with an amazing vision - I want to do just that, wherever I can!”

Ethan Graham Roeder

Ethan Graham is the founder of First Take Co., a production company specializing in experiential entertainment through the media of theatre, music, cabaret, and community. A Knoxville native, he has worked extensively with local orgs.

“SpaceCraft is integral to the success of Knoxville's art scene.”

Taryn Ferro

Taryn, owner of Aw, Snap Photography, is a self-made entrepreneur in Knoxville TN. Her true passion is using her specialized skills alongside storytelling and community building to support local artists and businesses.

“I believe in this idea and want to help in anyway I can.”

Sandra Wairimu

Sandra is a public health advocate in food and racial justice work, who’s creative passions are social sculpting, clay hand building, performance and installation art, and storytelling.

“I first encountered SpaceCraft as an experience. Like finding a missing puzzle piece to Knoxville's art scene. I'm honored to help co-create a nurturing space for artistic exploration and play!”

Steph Wadman

Steph is an artist and owner of The Fold Designs, who’s focused on graphic design, art, and consulting. She is focused on partnering with local artists and small businesses.

“It’s been great being a part of SpaceCraft’s growth this past year and I can’t wait to keep contributing as I can!”

Olivia Lichterman

Olivia is a videographer and editor working in Knoxville, who enjoys working on projects that spotlight local artists and bring awareness to the variety of talent in this city.

“I want to to continue making A+ content with amazing artists in 2024.”

Jared Gottschall

Jared is an artist and steward of Knox Draw. He is a scoundrel and dastardly scalawag, who likes projects and creating discussion. He is ready for Knoxville to grow and wants to be a part of that.

“I believe in the concept and the people.”

Kira Suerth

Kira is an artist, Knoxville native, and person who enjoys positively charged spaces and people. Staying connected to artists is one of her top priorities for 2024.

“I believe SpaceCraft will truly be what every artist needs in Knoxville. I also think Jaleria is one of the most capable and determined women I know! I want to support when I can!”

Jonathan Clark

Jonathan is a multidisciplinary artist, activist and founder of ART.Official Intelligence, LLC - consultation and facilitation service utilizing Art as a tool for teaching.

“I have been involved with SpaceCraft since... almost... the beginning. Jaleria and I met in our 10-week Co.Starters class in fall 2022 at Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. I also served as a mentor for WTBI Pitch Competition.”

Carson Bone

Carson is a serial Entrepreneur and Professional Engineer with a creative mind, starting food-tech companies like Urban Valley Farms and Blue Ridge Bantam.